Reflections: 2016

Is it too late to be posting this one week into the year? If it is, well… too bad because I’m still posting it now 😀

Hello there, I hope 2017 is taking you well so far, with all your resolutions and everything (that may already be failing). With the start of a new year, I tend to find myself doing more of an audit, appraisal sort of thing before deciding what steps to take moving forward.

First of all, 2016 was quite the year!! With it came major life impacting things and a few of those stood out quite a bit for me.

I am growing up and it’s both exciting and nerve wrecking. If anyone would have told me that I would be drawn to a crockery set or a set of bed sheets a couple of years ago, I would have laughed in their face.

Now, I have my own place, I have kitchenware and furniture to worry about. I have to make budgets and think about what to cook and what appliance I need to save up for next. I am trying to figure out what color pallet to use in my different rooms. It’s all overwhelming but I am more than happy to see what life brings with this “growing up”.

Close to the end of 2015, I cut my hair all off. It was a bold move but I felt it necessary. It may not look like a big deal but to me it meant a fresh start, a new journey of self discovery, a growing process. I have come to understand myself better, stand for the things I love, I have learnt to make time for what matters to me, to go the extra mile to get what I want and to do away with what does not make me happy, courtesy of my hair journey.

I know you’re thinking how can hair possibly do all this?? But it does. My hair has sort of been a metaphor for life. Obviously I’m Kenyan, so I have kinky type 4 hair as is the case for Africans. To most people, having hair covered up or relaxed or straightened out most of the time is the preferred way to wear this type of hair. For those of us who choose to wear it natural, it’s a task, a test of patience, an avenue for criticism, and most importantly a way to embrace and understand our true selves. Having to deal with my hair has taught me how to deal with some aspects of life. That being said, I have quite some natural hair knowledge up my sleeve, who knows I may decide to become a natural hair blogger.

I also had a few “achievements”/firsts during the year

  • I had my first visit to a dentist and lost a wisdom tooth.
  • I moved out of my parents’ home.
  • I went deep sea swimming and saw coral reefs – Absolutely breathtaking!!
  • I fell in love with green smoothies,  I went on and on about them here
  • I tried out yoga and fell in love with it. For all those that think yoga is sleeping and relaxing, you are beyond mistaken!!!
  • I bought and wore my first wig.
  • I learnt how to contour!!! lol 😀

In a nutshell, 2016 was quite interesting.

As this year goes by, I hope that all of you reading this get to achieve what you have set to achieve and that all of your hearts desires may be fulfilled.

Happy new year!!!

Lots of love, always.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sonia says:

    I learned how to contour too! Haha, resolutions without an audit are sounds quite off to me too… I agree with your process.
    Love your blog XOXO


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