Don’t talk to me!!

Hey y’all,

Having had a crazy week of barely any healthy sleep, let me sum it up with some pep talk.

I may come off a little mean, which I have in very many cases been accused of sooo… feel free to keep misjudging me.

Lets’s get into it.

Do you ever have those moments where you really do not want to engage in conversation with anyone? You want no one talking to you and of course you shall not be talking to people either. Those times when you feel disinterested in everything? Let me enlighten you on my such situations where I need you not to talk to me

#1. I am tired

After a long day, maybe at school or from yoga, I may be just exhausted and all I am looking forward to is a cup of green tea, a shower and my bed. In such a situation, I often find it necessary to Uber it, because matatus can be a bit of a hustle sometimes.

So my Uber arrives and the driver feels the need to give me his life history, which I have no interest in. I am okay with a simple hi, how was your day, where are you going conversation but past that PLEASE don’t engage me in conversation!!!!!

#2. I am on Youtube

Hi, I’m Sally, and I’m a YouTube addict. Remember the time i paused iisuperwomanii’s video for you, Yeah me neither. If you have something to say, just wait for the 8 or so minutes and talk to me after the video. Why would you want to interrupt my entertainment session?? I don’t get those too often.

Also, I may be following a tutorial on how to do a smokey eye and you want to interrupt me while I am in the zone?? Don’t be rude, wait for me to complete my failed attempt then say what it is you need to say.

On a serious note, YouTube is the best teacher so if you interrupt my session, you are most likely interrupting my class!! So please be polite and reserve your conversation for after class, as you would a physical class.

#3. I am writing code

Luckily, the probability of you interrupting me while I code is close to nil because for some reason, programmer’s operate at the most weird hours. That’s when bugs get visible, assuming they occur in the first place. I don’t know why the world decided that code should run seamlessly in the middle of the night, I really don’t.

#4. I am writing something at the oddest time

Don’t interrupt the thinking process!!!!! I might be coming up with the cure for cancer. I have some creepy habit, or maybe not so creepy. When I have an interesting thought or something that my brain finds fascinating, I tend to write it down. So if I’m not in class or at a meeting taking notes etc and you spot me randomly writing something, do not interrupt the thought process by talking to me.

Having said that, I am one very bubbly person unless you find me in one of the above situations, I promise. I mean can’t you tell from all these stories I keep giving that you didn’t ask for??

Until next time,

Love, Sally


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Peter Oluoch says:

    Comp Programmers work best at night. I agree. Regards, Peter Oluoch, and Photographer at


  2. Akoth says:

    LOL, cure for cancer? yeah right


    1. S.Nyambura says:

      Someone may come up with it one day, someone might be me LOL 😂😂😂😂


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