Reality Check Ahead..

As eager and excited as I am to finish my undergraduate degree (YAAAAAAAASSSSS!!!), I have some butterflies building up because then, life with all its realness and harshness shall be all up in my face.

The world, read “I” ,will expect me to be independent. No more calling Mama Bear for airtime or for salon needs and honestly it scares me a little, also read “a lot”. I have no idea what the world has in store for me. I am excited to get there but also a little frightened.

Also, I live in a neighborhood where all this fancy apartments are coming up and whenever I see a sign “Show house ready for viewing”, best believe that my friend and I shall be there to view. So as a result, I have severe apartment fever and can’t wait to have my own comfortable place to love and decorate and furnish with my own money as I please.

I have faith I shall get a job but the scariest part is getting a job that I will not love. I write this as I read for my least interesting unit’s exam. I just can’t wait to get done with it tomorrow as it has brought into perspective the thought of doing something that I do not love. My field of study has numerous possibilities and I’m not even sure what specialization I would want to take. I do not want to have to settle for anything just to make ends meet, I want to love what I do. And when I find what “it” is, I want to dedicate my all into being the best that I can at “it”.

I have all these ideas in my head about investing, about business opportunities, about maximizing on talents and interests for a career etc but they just don’t feel good enough. I don’t know when they ever will though 😦

Also, if you feel like you have something sweet for this girl to do, like a job offer, feel free to contact me 😀 I’m available from next year lol.

And of course above all this, my greatest joy would be to continue making my mother happy and proud of me. To see that what she taught me and all the sacrifices she made for me did not go to waste.

With just four more months left for me to meet the next phase of life, dear life, please be kind to this girl when she comes to meet you.

Sally, xo


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  1. Edith M. says:

    Sal this is soo me! You can’t even imagine. I’m sitted here at my desk just this what I want to be doing for the next part of my life? or am I here because this is where society expects me to be after school? Also, if not, then how am I going to get that opportunity to do what I love and make money while at it. I love your post! We just have to go one day at a time, make the best of the moment, and trust that God will make everything work out in due time.


    1. S.Nyambura says:

      I know right!!! The fear of the unkown,
      But one day at a time with God on our side and we will be fine!!

      Thank you for stopping by 😘


  2. You have no idea how identical our thoughts are. Not having a next step after school is so terrifying, on the other hand, having a next step is quite terrifying as you can never be too certain that it’s the correct one to make. Anyway, I feel better to see I’m not the only one struggling with this. Today I have had 2 random conversations with 2 different people about our next step. Guess we have 4 more months of purr agony as we try and figure this out.
    Thanks for the amazing and relevant piece.


    1. S.Nyambura says:

      A lot of agony!!!! But we’ll be fine I believe… If you have a plan, by all means go for it!

      Thank you for stopping by 😘


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